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Monday, 9 September 2019


AY Comedian : It Is WrongTo Beg Someone For Money With Account Details On The Same Text Message

AY Comedian has shared that he feels it is wrong for someone
to beg for money with the account number on the same text message simply because it looks like an indication that the person is trying to withdraw the money he/she already deposited in the giver’s account.
He made this known via his Twitter handle. Do you agree with him???
His words:
Why do I feel it is wrong to beg someone for money with your account details on the same text message? Isn’t that an indication of you wanting to withdraw the money you already deposited in the person’s account? Please beg RESPONSIBLY
Why do you always feel like the money is there waiting for you, and all the person needs to do is send it?
See his tweet below:

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