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Tuesday, 10 September 2019


UPDATE-Mexican Gang Strips Rapist Naked; Feeds His Genitals To Pit Bull Dog

A horrific video circulating online captures the moment a
Mexican gang tortured an alleged rapist by feeding his genitals to a pit-bull dog.

The unnamed man in his 30s was said to have sexually assaulted a woman in August so the gang took it upon themselves to punish him.

In the video filmed in a public place in Mexico released as a warning to others, the alleged rapist is seen completely naked, lying on the bare floor with his hands handcuffed behind him.

A number of men surrounded him, with one pinning one of his legs down by stepping on it, while another man held his other leg to spread his legs apart.

A white pit bull terrier with brown markings is seen tearing the man’s male genitals and eating it until there was only red bloodied flesh in between his legs.

The victim is heard screaming ”stop, leave me now, leave me” while a group of five men watch the barbaric act.
One of the gang then proceeds to cover his mouth with a rag to stifle his cries for help.

A second dog, a brown pit bull, appears but does not join in mauling the man.

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