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Tuesday, 12 November 2019


Nigerian Lady Insists-Getting Stuck During S*x Is Not Juju, It's Natural

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to write on the popular belief that couples who get stuck during s*x are under a Juju spell...

Dispelling the rumours, she wrote that it has nothing to do with fetish acts and the phenomenon is only a rare natural occurrence that some people experience during sexual intercourse.

She wrote:
It’s not village people, juju or charm. P*nis captivus is a rare occurrence during sexual intercourse when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the p*nis much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the penis to be withdrawn from the vagina.

P*nis captivus occurs more frequently in animals than it does in humans. And it’s not uncommon to see animals that “are stuck together” after s*x, particularly dogs

If a partner feels penis captivus starting to happen, they should try to stay calm. Addedstress can lead to more muscular tension, which can make the phenomenon last longer.

It is important not to try to force the p*nis out of the vagina. Doing so can hurt one or both partners.

It is also important not to try to open the vagina or pry the p*nis out manually.

Taking deep breaths may help both partners become or remain calm. Distracting each other or making a joke out of the situation can also relieve the tension and reduce arousal in the genitals.

“I must tell you it is no myth,” wrote one woman who asked to remain anonymous. “It happened to my late husband and myself one night. He literally could not withdraw…

I attributed it to the intensity of the vaginal muscle response during orgasm.”

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