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Sunday, 10 November 2019


{OPINION}How bad is electricity where you live?

Electricity hasn't improved in Nigeria since independence. How bad is public power where you live?

I'm writing and publishing this piece from my smartphone because I haven't had public power supply since Nigeria's power grid collapsed for the 11th time this year on Friday, November 8.
My generator has packed up for more times than I can remember--from overuse--and the artisan can't just fix it anymore. So, the last time, he told me he had to purchase parts worth N30, 000 and escaped with my money. He doesn't pick calls anymore and he has no known address.
Downstairs, generators of all shapes and sizes from the neighbors, are buzzing to breaking point. The street is noisy. All around me, generators of all shapes and sizes are competing for the noisest generator trophy. They are emitting poisonous gases which residents are inhaling happily.
Welcome to hell!!
I know of no other country, especially one this populated, where every region, hamlet, state and city is connected to one decrepit, obsolete, decaying and creaky grid.
I come from a country whose leaders only mouth power sector reforms for the sake of it. Billions of dollars after since 1960, Nigeria has only been able to generate and distribute a little over 5,000mw of electricity. Nothing can be more shameful.
In August, newly appointed power minister, Saleh Mamman, called for prayers to succeed. No surprises there, because we've become a nation that would rather pray than get to work.
Today is not one for too many words. Especially because I'm not so sure when next I'd have power and I have to conserve phone battery. Let's just continue in the comments section, shall we?
How bad is electricity where you live or am I alone in this darkness? This agony?

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