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Monday, 9 December 2019


BREAKING-Babcock's VC Finally Speaks Out About Girl's Sex-Tape Scandal

Early last month, a young lady identified as a Babcock University student and an unidentified male were seen in what appeared to be a leaked sex tape...
This generated lots of opinions from people.

While some believed she did something wrong and the public backlash was enough punishment, others were of the opinion that she has done nothing wrong since the video and act was done outside the school’s domain.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was the expulsion of the lady by the university via a statement that circulated online.

 Many people were taken aback and wondered what exactly the school stands to gain considering the fact that she is an adult who has done what any adult could have done, people opined that she could have been suspended instead of expelled.

However, despite all of the back and forth on the internet and opinions flying around, there was no explanation from the school authority.

Yesterday, the Vice-Chancellor broke this silence. He explained that he shed tears while writing the expulsion letter of the female student in question. 

The decision to expel her was as a result of the management’s decision because they have the mandate to protect the reputation of the school.

He further explained that the expelled student might be re-admitted if she fulfils some of the conditions as there are students on the premises who were expelled and are back.

He made it clear that they have not neglected the lady, rather, they are still in communication with her and pushing that she successfully graduates, it, however, might not be from Babcock.

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9 December 2019 at 09:51 delete

So finally the school have sense, the problem is from who ever leaked the video and should be sued. Nigeria should at least start standing humans rights