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Friday, 20 December 2019


UPDATE- ASAP Rocky Responds To Sex Tape Leak

American rapper ASAP Rocky has responded to the leaked s3x tape allegedly featuring him...

The s3x tape began making the rounds on the internet yesterday and it led to prompt criticisms of the man in the video whom many immediately labeled as Rocky.

The video, which was reportedly posted on Pornhub on Wednesday night, does not show any faces; however, some pointed out that the man in the video had tattoos that looked very similar to those seen on the rapper. 

There was a small tattoo on the left hand, as well as the large “ASAP LIFE” ink on the stomach. And there was also the man’s voice, which sounded a lot like Rocky.

Viewers of the tape took to social media to express their disappointment with the video, especially Rocky’s s3x skill.

Rocky, who didn’t not confirm or deny that he was the person in the video, took to his Twitter page to address the tape.

The rapper tweeted that as the “defense attorney” for his member, he is prepared to deny any weak s3x game and that there is “a long list of satisfied women” who can attest to his bedroom skills.

Rocky had previously opened up about his s3x addiction in an interview. He revealed he frequently participates in orgies.
In the interview, he said:
“These are things that people like to stay away from, that they don’t like to admit.
“I can’t be embarrassed about it. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I won’t do nothing that I’m not proud speaking of.”

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