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Friday, 3 January 2020


UPDATE- Late LASU student’s boyfriend laments- I regret killing my girlfriend

She had high hope for the future and had looked forward to completing her first degree at the Lagos State University, LASU,
In fact she was said to have started making preparation towards getting a temporary job upon completing her studies, pending when she would proceed for the mandatory one year National Youth Service.

 But unknown to her, fate had a contrary bargain, as she was not only deprived of completing her study unable to accomplish her other dreams.

As you read this piece, the remains of her mutilated body are still inside a well in Osun State.

Twenty-two-year- old Favour Daley-Oladele, had left her parents abode in Mowe, Ogun State, on December 8, 2019, informing them that she was leaving for school. But apprehension set in after frantic efforts to reach her on her mobile telephone failed. 

Tension heightened when her friends who were contacted in school informed that she was yet to get there.

Policemen at Mowe division who were informed of her disappearance, reportedly tracked her phone to Osun State during investigation, two weeks later. Sadly, she was not seen alive. Rather, her decomposing body was recovered with the heart , breasts and other body parts missing!

A full scale investigation to unravel the killers led to the arrest of 23-year-old Adeeko Owolabi, late Favour’s boyfriend, in a white garment church, in Ikoyi-Ile area of Osun State. 

He was arrested alongside his mother, Mrs Bola Adeeko and a self acclaimed Prophet of the church, Segun Philip.

In an interview with Owolabi, who claimed to be a former student of LASU, he expressed remorse over his action.

 He said, “I regret my action. I regret every bit of it. I got to know this Prophet ( pointing to his partner in crime ) through a friend. I have been visiting him and even introduced my mother to him because he was doing some spiritual work of protection for us.

In the course of our discussion, I told him that I was not happy with the situation of things in my family, especially the financial burden. He invited my mother and told her he would need N250,000 to do some spiritual work with the Seven Books of Moses. He assured that immediately that was done, things would change for good.

“My mother went round friends and relatives and even had to sell some of her personal effects to raise that amount. 

At the end, she brought N210,000 to the prophet. As she was handing over the money to him, she begged him to perform the spiritual work fast, to enable her pay up those she borrowed the money from.

“After she left, the prophet said since my mother wanted a quick work, he didn’t think the Seven Books of Moses would work. He told me he would need a human being to perform some sacrifices and charms for wealth. He said if I could get the person quickly that by the first week of January, I would become rich beyond my expectation.

“My girlfriend, Favour, was the only person I had in mind. I quickly called her on the phone and asked her to come and meet me in Osun.

 I promised to take her back to school after the visit. When she came I took her to the church. I told her I went there for prayers. While she was sleeping, the prophet gave me a pestle to smash her head. I did as instructed and he used a sharp knife to cut off her head. He then ripped her chest open and brought out her heart.

 At that point, I left there.
“He prepared concoction with the heart and other body parts and instructed that I must eat it with my mother. My mother and I ate it but she did not know it was made with human parts..

“Her body was thrown inside a dry well not too far from the church. The prophet then asked me to remain within the church premises until he finished the final rituals. I was there when the Police came and arrested us.

 I regret killing my Favour”, he said.

On her part, his mother, Mrs Bola Adeeko, maintained that she never discussed using a human being for money rituals with Prophet Philip.

She said, “I know the world has condemned me already. But I must tell you the whole truth, even if I would be condemned to death. Yes, I went to the prophet to perform some spiritual work that would enable me get back on my feet again. I gave him N210,000 to buy sheep, pigeons and other items he listed for the spiritual work.

“Yes, he gave me a prepared concoction with the items he claimed he bought with the money I gave him. But he never told me the concoction was prepared with human parts. It was after I was arrested that I was told I ate the heart and breasts. 

He deceived me, I would not have eaten it had the Prophet or my son told me what the concoction was made of. I agreed to carry out the spiritual exercise because of my desperation to end poverty. I am owing many people and things were taking a downward slide in spite of all my efforts”, she said, burying her face in her palms.

For the 42-year-old prophet, he admitted slaughtering late Favour, after her boyfriend smashed her head with pestle.

Like Owolabi, he exonerated Mrs Adeeko from culpability.
He said, “she was not aware we killed the girl. She was also not aware that the concoction was made with human parts”.

Asked why he opted for human parts for the rituals, he replied, “it was because she needed ‘sharp sharp’ work. I have never used human being for money rituals before. That was my first trial. I did it because I also needed money to celebrate Christmas”.

Crime Guard gathered that the suspects had been transferred to the Osun State Police Command where the crime was committed for prosecution.

Policemen at Osun are expected to exhume the corpse from the shallow grave, in he course of investigation.

The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, who described the incident as shocking, advised Nigerians to always let members of their families know their exact destinations whenever they were going out, noting that such information would aid investigation in the event of any eventuality.

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