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Sunday, 8 March 2020


UPDATE - Bobrisky Cries Out In Cell Over Excruciating Pains From Pile

A few days ago, news surfaced that crossdresser Bobrisky was picked up over allegedly defrauding a business partner to the tune of N7million...

An exclusive report by Kemi Filani News claims the crossdresser is in severe pains in the cell.

She is currently crying bitterly in the cell over excruciating pains from pile.

Sources who spoke with Kemi Filani claim Bobrisky said she can not go more than 24 hours without applying her medications on the alleged infection and he is crying bitterly and in severe pains.

“Bobrisky is crying bitterly that he has serious pile infection with serious sours on his anus, he claims he must apply his medications on it every 24 hours else the sickness will deteriorate”

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