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Tuesday, 10 March 2020


UPDATE - Dolly Partons Wants A Second Playboy Magazine Cover For 75th Birthday

Singer-songwriter Dolly Parton at the 2019 CMA Awards and on the cover of Playboy in 1978. | Playboy/GettyImages
Age is just a number and Dolly Parton is proof that this is true...

This septuagenarian who turned 74 this year was on = an episode of “60 Minutes Australia”  was asked what her “retirement age” will be and she made it clear she is not stepping out of the game.

The Grammy award-winning singer isn’t satisfied with being a viral meme sensation as she said:
“Well, I don’t plan to retire. I just turned 74, [and] I plan to be on the cover of Playboy magazine,” the legendary singer-songwriter told Aussie correspondent Tom Steinfort when he visited her in Nashville.
“See, I did Playboy magazine years ago and I thought it’d be such a hoot if they’ll go for it — I don’t know if they will — if I could be on the cover again when I’m 75.”
Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton
The “Jolene” hitmaker first graced the cover of Hugh Hefner’s iconic men’s mag back in 1978. The cover featured the then-32-year-old superstar sporting serious cleavage in the signature Playboy bunny costume — ears, bow-tie, cuffs and all.

The country music artist at the time was the first country star to appear on the cover of Playboy although the  “Coat of Many Colours” crooner was not nude on the inside spread.
Speaking further about wanting to appear on Playboy for her 75th birthday, the “9 to 5” hitmaker and two-time Oscar nominee said:
“I could probably use it, maybe. Boobs are still the same!” Parton exclaimed. “I’m kind of cartoonish and cartoons don’t really age that much. When I’m 90, I’ll probably look about the same way. Just thicker makeup, bigger hair.”
Parton who has 160 million-plus record sales and a Dollywood empire worth a reported half-billion dollar has a new A&E documentary special, Biography: Dolly that debuts April 12. The film will touch on her extraordinary journey from her childhood spent in poverty to her early days in Nashville.

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