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Thursday, 5 March 2020


UPDATE - Police detain Ronaldinho, brother in Paraguay over fake passport

Ronaldinho and his brother, Roberto, on Wednesday, were detained by police in Paraguay after entering the country with a fake passport...

According to La Nacion, passports were found in the hotel bearing the names of Ronaldinho and Roberto with Paraguayan nationality.

Ronaldinho is currently without a Brazilian passport after having it seized because of an environmental issue in 2018.

A statement by the Paraguayan police revealed that Ronaldinho and his entourage had been invited to Paraguay by casino owner Nelson Belotti.

“[Ronaldinho and his brother] are still under judicial investigation and they have to testify. Then it will be decided whether they will be arrested or not,” Paraguay’s interior minister Euclides Acevedo told ESPN Brasil.

They have been allowed to stay at the hotel but remain under custody by authorities.

A man has been arrested in connection with the passports. Ronaldinho and his brother are said to be cooperating in the investigation and have claimed they “were tricked” by the man arrested

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