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UPDATE - Nigeria Socialites Hushpuppi, Mr Woodberry, Efe Arrested for $35million Fraud

Hushpuppi|Mr Woodberry |Efe
Hushpuppi, Mr Woodberry and Efe allegedly arrested in
Hotel Dubai.

More details: according to multiple sources hushpuppi and his cartel where arrested after they used a fake company to run a $35million ventilator Fraud. Hushpuppi had just recently rented a multi-million dollar villa!! More details shortly

Hushpuppi, Efe and Mr Woodberry arrested today by Interpol/FBI for $35Million Fraud
(13,539,400,000,00 NGN)

Leak video
Details shortly!
UPDATE : they are on their way to Washington this morning with Interpol over alleged $200million fraud,  normally they use to get 50-70M monthly,  now the money gov gave out for CORONAVIRUS, made them richer as their deals skyrocket,  they have on their tailor over 6 -8 month, since the days of getting the 50 to 70millions monthly, what blew their cover now is the recent $200million. They brought in 50 FBI qgents to investigate the matter since 6 months ago.  They made $200 million dollars in this recent deal and that's some huge billions in naira) they couldn't account for it...

Hushpuppi, Woodberry and Efe set to be Extradited to the USA to face their Fraud Cases