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Tuesday, 23 June 2020


UPDATE - Lady Who Fib That She Was Raped Just To Trend Finally uncovered

The lady falsely accused an uncle of raping her 
A Nigerian woman with the Twitter handle @Loyizzo8 has been exposed after she took to Twitter to narrate a false story of how she was raped as a teen, but it turned out it was a lie she cooked up just to trend on social media.

Nigerian woman who wanted to trend on social media by posting a false story how she was raped has been exposed.
She had falsely accused an uncle of sexually assaulting her when she was small. However, she was exposed after someone who knew her inquired and she revealed that she was just doing it for clout.
After being exposed, Loyizzo has deleted her Twitter handle.
Here are screenshots below: 
Loyizzo's fake rape story below: 
She confessed that it was just for clout chasing and that she made it up:

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