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Friday, 14 August 2020


{VIDEO} Lady Arrested After Intentionally Burning Down Her Cheating Boyfriend's Car Confesses

Kelly S. Hayes
An irate American lady identified as Kelly S. Hayes in a video seen burning down her boyfriends car has confessed to the crime.
A woman who decided to deal with her boyfriend for cheating by burning his car has confessed.
Kelly confessed after being arrested  by the Police for intentionally burning the car.
She admitted burning the car because she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with another woman in an hotel. When she caught him cheating she wanted to kill herself, but changed her mind.
Kelly, in a bid to seek revenge decided to do what she thinks would hurt her boyfriend. She resolved to burning his car.
The lover girl in the video, could be seen poring petrol from a gallon into the car before lighting it up. She also sustained burns on her face from the fire she lighted.
Watch the video below:

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