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GOBE!! Cubana Chief Priest Dumps His Boss, Obi Cubana

Obi CUBANA x Chief Priest 
The business relationship between popular club owner, Obi
Cubana, and one of his favourite employees, Cubana Chief Priest, has apparently ended.

This was after Cubana Chief Priest reportedly told Obi Cubana that he no longer wants to be part of Cubana Group, which owns several night clubs in Nigeria.

Cubana Chief Priest now reportedly runs his own night club named De Angels and located in Owerri, Imo State, where Cubana Group also runs a night club.

This has reportedly caused bad blood between him and his former boss, Obi Cubana, who has now unfollowed him on Instagram.

The last post made by Cubana Chief Priest on Instagram sees him stating that he needs his freedom after serving so well.

“I have served so well and learnt so much. I did so well that history will never forget. I need my freedom. I have to do my own,” he said.

Wondering why his decision is creating anger, Cubana Chief Priest said that “a child is meant to grow to be greater than his father and that such should not lead to a fight".