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BREAKING - Google Names Nigerian Beauty Queen, Agbani Darego As The Ugliest Miss World Ever

Agbani Darego
Nigerians have expressed anger after google search engine named former miss world, Agbani Darego, MFR as the ‘ugliest Miss World’.
A social media user brought the sad news to the attention of Nigerians on Twitter.
Agbani was crowned Miss World in 2001. She was the first indigenous African to win Miss World.
Many people tagged it racism at the highest level and accused google of inciting hate.
Taking to Twitter, @MsTariah, shared a snapshot of a Google search which result presented Agbani Darego as the ugliest ever Miss World.
She wrote: "Saw a tweet about Google search having Agbani Darego as ’ugliest miss world'. I searched it and wow!"
In reaction, many claimed the search result is largely racist and based on colorism. 
See some reactions below;
@OluwafemiMaduka: I’d ordinarily not have read much into this, but pple have so many ways of manifesting racism and colorism. Even big institutions, that should be more openminded, are accomplices in these ills.
Shame on them."
@aaijay51: Very terrible and heart breaking….Racism at its peak..
“Saw a tweet about Google search having Agbani Darego as ’ugliest miss world’. I searched it and wow!”