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{VIDEO} Man Beaten Mercilessly After He Was Caught Stealing Pants


A pant thief got more than he could chew after he was caught stealing ladies

pants in Nigeria.

According to Within Nigeria, the thief was caught by occupants of a building where he went to steal ladies pants.

The yet to be identified man walked into a building and made his way straight to a lady’s underwears bag where he was allegedly caught on the spot pocketing a stolen underwear.
The man could be seen holding the ‘stolen’ underwear in his hands while he was being confronted by the ladies. The pant thief repeatedly apologized for his actions but the ladies weren’t taking it lightly as they demanded answers; as to what his intentions were and how exactly he knew where to look for the underwear.
The man eventually got the beating of his life as residents were drawn to the confrontation.
Watch the video below: