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{VIDEO} Police Officers Who Tortured UNILAG Student To Coma Lands in Hot Soup

 The police has ordered an investigation after a police

officer tortured a UNILAG student to coma. 

A police officer who brutally assaulted a University of Lagos student, John Akinwale may have landed himself in trouble after the police ordered an investigation into the matter.
According to Sahara Reporters, the Nigeria Police Force has begun investigating the power-drunk policemen after he tortured the student till he went into a coma in the Mosafejo, Oshodi area of Lagos State.
The NPF Police Complaint Response Unit, Abuja, disclosed this via its Twitter handle on Tuesday.
SaharaReporters had exclusively reported that Akinwale was arrested and brutalised on Monday, around 2pm, after he bought fuel at a filling station and was sighted by policemen attached to the Mosafejo division.

It has been reported that the operatives demanded N50,000 for bail from the UNILAG student, who is also an activist, after dragging him to a police station.
In response to the allegations, the NPF CRU said, “Your complaint is hereby acknowledged and investigation has been initiated.”
According to a witness, Akinwale was arrested for having a “covered number plate.”
After the extortion, the policemen, not done, beat Akinwale till he went into a coma, for being “rude” after which he was rushed to hospital.
Akinwale himself had narrated to SaharaReporters that the Mosafejo Divisional Police Officer ordered that he should be detained.
He had noted that when it was time for him to take his typhoid fever drugs, the policemen prevented him from accessing his vehicle which made him to collapse.

“The DPO called me and asked me what the problem was, I was explaining to him but because I was angry, he said I was talking too much and I prostrated (myself before him) and apologised. The next thing he said was that they should take my statement and detain me,” he had narrated.
He had also alleged that a female police officer requested for N50,000 for bail from his friend who asked to pay N20,000, which was declined.