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UPDATE - Nigerians Are Excited About A New Payment System

 Paying for goods and services in Nigeria has changed over

the last 20 years; from the days when monies were carried in ‘Ghana-Must-go bags’ to very long ATM queues. Now bank transfers, POS, and e-payments have helped to tackle those issues.

But Nigerians are already looking towards the next innovation in how they pay for goods and services. Using the hashtag #PaySharpSharp on twitter, Nigerians are yearning for

something new.


Nigerians Are Excited About A New Payment System


It felt like all the regulatory bodies and the financial Industry were listening, because a world-class innovation has just been announced to roll out across the country and will be available in stores nationwide. This new payment system is called the NQR

The NQR is a payment system where you can simply pay for goods and services just by scanning a QR code with your banking mobile App. It is reliable, quick, easy to use and it gives instant value to business owners. The NQR will be rolled out on Monday, March 15th 2021. (See details on the banner below).

You can join the LIVE virtual launch by scanning the QR code in the banner to register. Fantastic rewards will be given at the launch. Scan to sign up now!