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After 'gang rape' pregnant goat found dead

Officials in Maroda, India, are investigating the gang rape and death of a pregnant goat.
The goat’s owner told police that up to eight “drug addicts and alcoholics” stole the animal from him before taking it to a deserted house in the village, where it was later found dead.
Airline pilots brawl at 37,000 feet

Two Iraqi Airways pilots have been suspended from duty after getting into a fight in the cockpit of a flight carrying 157 passengers. The brawl, which reportedly damaged several parts of the cockpit, was broken up by security guards before the flight landed safely in Iraq.

Attempt to bribe police with doughnuts backfires
A 25-year old Maryland man is facing additional charges after attempting to bribe several police officers with doughnuts when he was caught carrying a small bag of marijuana. The man reportedly told police that he worked at a local Krispy Kreme outlet, and they could have free doughnuts if they wouldn’t charge him for drug possession.