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NIKKI BELLA & JOHN CENA part ways _ its over

Nikki Bella and John Cena are officially donzo , and that ' s not based on her reality show
. . . that ' s what they' re telling friends in real life .

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ . . . the exes are telling friends their on- again - off -again relationship has finally gone kaput because they' ve grown apart . . . figuratively and quite literally.
Remember , while Nikki was filming " Total Bellas , " John was tied up in China . . . and that distance further fractured their already -teetering relationship .
Our Nikki sources say she also realized while watching Sunday ' s finale of ' TB ' how unhappy she was and hated the feeling of being confused and living in a gray area . Watching that high level of uncertainty reminded her why she ultimately chose not to walk down the aisle with John , despite his pleas .
We ' re told Nikki doesn ' t regret her decision, but dating someone new is the LAST thing on her mind . She ' s now focusing on her career . We broke the story . . . Nikki ' s moving out of John ' s place and finding her own spot .