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How to detect real Hennessy from fake. Cognac "Hennessy VSOP"

Consumption of brandy is growing from year To year, This
drink is one of the most popular in the world among alcoholic beverages. If you look, then the popular brands of brandy are not so much, but they are all worth it to be desired on the tables of consumers.

Hennessy cognac is a popular brand, the prestige of this brand is very high, it is a symbol of prosperity in business and wealth. But here's a paradox - according to this brand, about 50 million bottles are produced annually, and 150-200 million bottles are sold in the world.

That is only a quarter of the annual turnover of Hennessy is genuine cognac. The rest is counterfeit products of dubious quality and far from the original taste. 

How to distinguish the original Hennessy from a fake? For Russia, there are several unique rules, while others apply to all countries.
  • Let's start with the first thing we see when buying - a bottle. The original Hennessy XO in Russia is not sold in containers of 0.5 liters. So this capacity can be immediately set aside.
  • The bottle itself should be free of roughness, scuffs, cracks and chips.
  • Have original hennessy bottles  "Pot-bellied" base, she herself is wider than the popular counterfeit capacity.
Actual bottle shapes (photo from the official site) true Hennessy XO  may be different, here are three more official options, gift packs are made in the same design:
  • The color of brandy should not be too light - the original brandy has a dark color.
  • There must be an excise stamp printed in the same language as the counter-label on the back of the bottle. The excise duty indicates the brand, the shutter speed and the volume of the bottle.
  • The original bottle must necessarily have an engraving in the form of an ax in a knight’s hand (the coat of arms of Hennessey) and a pattern in the form of connected brushes and leaves of grapes.
  • On the front side, above the sticker, where the extract is indicated, is the brand logo.
  • At the bottom of the bottle should be a symmetrical pattern and no information about the capacity of the bottle and other unnecessary marks.
  • Cork closes high-quality aluminum membrane.
  • The L-code is located at the bottom of the counter-label, its format is two characters — a letter-digit space three digits space two digits space six digits.
  • The inscription "JA HENNESSY & C COGNAC FRANCE" is engraved under the counter-label on the bottle ( Hennessy XO)
  • The presence of gift wrapping.
  • Aftertaste Hennessy very long, without alcoholic taste, it has vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, smoke and a slightly noticeable aftertaste of fresh grapes from VSOP and oak, leather, black pepper from XO, those who have tried - will distinguish a fake on this basis at once, it cannot be confused do not fake.
In this article we will thoroughly examine the products. brandy house  Hennessy. What properties do elite drinks of this brand possess? How to distinguish them from fake? What do domestic consumers say about cognac? Particular attention will be paid here to the brand "Hennessy VSOP". This brandy has a very interesting story. What other Hennessy are there? We will spell out their abbreviations for you. But the fact that Hennessy Cognac House is part of the holding of Louis Vuitton - a well-known manufacturer of luxury accessories and luxury drinks, speaks of the high quality of its products. The main thing is that it is authentic. How to protect yourself from counterfeiting, read in this article.

The history of the cognac house

In the world of manufacturers alcoholic beverages  brands traditionally bear the name of their inventors and first owners. This rule has not bypassed Hennessy cognac house. It all began with the injury that Jacobite Richard Hennessy received in 1745, who served as captain in the Irish regiment of Louis XV, King of France. Since the veteran had ordered the way home, he decided to settle around the city of Cognac and start a new life. The retired captain decided not to reinvent the wheel, but to work on what almost all residents of the Charente Department worked on — that is, to produce the distillate of the same name. And the Richard Hennessy case went. In 1765, he founded a cognac house, to which he gave his last name, and in 1794 he even began working for export, supplying his products to North America. But the brand "Hennessy VSOP" was born a little later - in 1817. And about the history of this drink should be told separately.

What does VSOP stand for?

So, in this fateful year of 1817, the Prince of Wales, heir to the throne of Great Britain (he later ascended to the throne under the name of George the Fourth) ordered cognac from Hennessy. In his letter of wishes, he indicated that he would like to receive “very superior old pale cognac”. The first four words are in English and were taken for the abbreviation Not only that. Abbreviation V.S.O.P. later it was used to classify not only brandies in general, but also for Armagnac and brandy. News about the acquisition of luxury goods are spreading among royal persons at a speed and already in the next, in 1818, the widowed empress of Russia Maria Feodorovna orders the first batch of the drink from Hennessy. The popularity of VSOP has grown. In 1859, the first batch of the drink went to China. Three years before, the brandy house acquired a coat of arms. The hand holding the halberd is now flaunted on the face labels of this drink. In 1971, the cognac house merged with Moët & Chandon, the largest champagne producer in France. And in 1987 they became part of a giant holding company - LVMH. This abbreviation stands for Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy.

Abbreviation translated into "asterisks"

Does VSOP have any relation to cognac aging? Of course! In 1865, Richard's great-grandson, Morris Richard Hennessy, even proposed a new classification of his products - the stars we are used to. 
These symbols on the bottle label indicate the minimum shutter speed used to make the drink.
 This classification has taken root, but not in the vicinity of the city of Cognac and not in the department of Charente. In the production of local wine houses continue to use letters, although the general principle of binding to the extract remains. Thus, three years of exposure of the drink correspond to the VS classification. Four asterisks are a Hennessy VSOP. 
Exposure for more than five years translates brandy in the category of CW. Of course, to measure the quality of this elite drink exclusively with asterisks would be a significant simplification. Indeed, in cognacs the main thing is assemblage. Although the age of alcohols is also very important.

Classic Hennessy Range

Let's take a closer look at the products of this respected wine house. The most common, one might say ordinary, is Hennessy V.S. 
This abbreviation stands for Very Special. The brand was released in 1865 by the great-grandson of the company's founder, Morris Hennessy. The name “very special” in one fell swoop crosses out the allusion to ordinary. Still: forty alcohols at the age of 2-7 years make up its assemblage. 
Hennessy Privilezh VSOP has an even richer gamut of flavor combinations. The grapes for this brandy are grown in four areas of the Charente.
 The assembly is formed by sixty spirits from six to twelve years. For aging, only old oak barrels are used, the wood of which has already lost part of the tannin, which makes the drink light, subtle and complex.
 And finally, the top three classic Hennessy brandies closes the brand H.O. (Extra Old). It was created in 1870 with the participation of more than a hundred alcohols with an exposure time of 20 to 30 years.

Hennessy Elite Series and New

In addition to the classic line (X.O., V.S.O.P. and V.S.), there are a number of elite class beverages. This is the Hennesy Paradies, which first appeared on the market in 1979. The masters of the assemblage, the Fiyu family, have been working with the Hennessy home for over two hundred years, and each generation surprises the world with something new. In the "Paradise" one hundred participate brandy spirits  over 15 years old. In Pure White - light cognac of English type - alcohol from Fen Bois prevails, which gives the drink a light floral and fruity taste. In 1996, Ian Fiyu made a new assemblage, which he dedicated to the founder of the wine house. Folle Blanche grapes from the distant 1800 and 1830-1860 years participate in Hennessy Richard. And finally, the same Ian Fiyu in 2011 based on the Hennessy VSOP (the same one created for the king) created the Hennesy Imperial. It is impossible to ignore limited editions. For example, a total of 2,000 Bakkara decanters with an elite Hennessy Timeless drink were produced for the Millennium. Eleven alcohols of the most successful twentieth century harvests took part in its manufacture. Special mention should be made of the Hennessy Ellips and the Hennessy Private Reserve.

Quality Hennessy VSOP brand

The customer - the Crown Prince and the future King of Great Britain George the Fourth - was not a simple client. Therefore, Richard Hennessy was very sensitive to his wishes. The letter indicated “very superior old pale”, that is, very mature, old and soft.

 The task is not easy. Indeed, the longer the cognac insists in oak barrels, the more it gains tannin, which makes its taste becomes more "fainter". The winemaker approached the task creatively. 
He insisted spirits in old, already reused Limousin oak barrels. Thanks to this method, the drink turned out with a special velvety taste that just melts in the mouth. "Hennessy VSOP" - the photo shows it - has a light amber color. 
The taste of this cognac is soft, well-balanced, with hints of fresh grapes and honey. The rich bouquet smells like cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, and a light smoke smell hovers over these spices. 
The finish of brandy is long. It is clearly felt notes of sweet fruit and almond.


By definition, can not be cheap. After all, they need to skillfully blend and carefully grow. "Hennessy VSOP" 1 liter costs about forty Euros. And it is in stores Duty Free. In the domestic shop there will also have to lay out money for and the tax on surplus value. However, the quality of the drink is worth it. Prices for collectible brands of cognac "Hennessy" in the Russian market start from a few hundred thousand rubles (for example, for Timeless). A "VSOP" can be purchased for five thousand rubles per liter bottle. If you are offered a product at a lower price - it is a fake.

"Hennessy VSOP": how to drink

This is a typical digestive. Reviews advise to enjoy brandy in a relaxed atmosphere and not on an empty stomach. Pour the drink in the digestive or brandy glasses. Slightly warm in the palms. Drink in small sips, not biting. Only in this way, users say, you will feel the plume of spices and honey. Reviews and experts recommend to use Hennessy in its pure form. For cocktails, it is not suitable.

"Hennessy VSOP": how to distinguish a fake

Hennessy is already a symbol. Luxury, refinement, impeccability. It's clear that many dishonest businessmen are trying to cash in on his fame.
 How to distinguish an authentic drink from counterfeit? First, buy brandy (and other alcohol) only in proven stores. Secondly, take a look at the packaging.
 The bottle should be without chips, scratches, signs of soldering. Gift boxes must keep their hands dirty with paint; they are sold without scuffs and tears. 
The label on the authentic "Hennessy" is glued exactly, all the inscriptions and drawings are clear, the gilding is not erased with your fingers. 
The cork sits tightly, does not scroll and does not swing. Now jerk the bottle upside down. The original Hennessy air bubbles are large, and the droplets flowing on the glass - weights, leaving a kind of oil trail. Reviews recommend paying attention to the transparency of the drink. Take a look at the bottle. If you see the clear lines of your finger on the opposite side - in your hands is a real "Hennessy VSOP".

How to distinguish a fake from Hennessey original

  1. Cork - sits tightly and does not "go" from side to side with a slight effort. It has a company logo and brand name.
  2. Bottle and container - no damage, scuffs, cracks and so on are allowed.
  3. The original cognac is produced in a more pot-bellied bottle. In addition, the capacity has a large width in comparison with a fake.
  4. Fake Hennessy has the color of weak tea with lemon. The original features a rich cognac color.
  5. The absence of an excise stamp is the brightest sign of a Hennessey fake. If the excise stamp has blurry letters or text in a foreign language, then this is also the most obvious sign of non-original products.
  6. The original cognac has excise stampin which in Russian (in the case of Russia) the volume of the container, the name of the beverage and the duration of exposure are indicated
  7. The bottle of original cognac is engraved in the form of clusters and grape leaves.
  8. The front side of the original bottle has a sticker, on the back side of which there is a Hennessy brand logo.
  9. The bottom of the original bottle has a clear symmetrical pattern.
  10. In Russia, you can not buy Hennessy cognac volume of 0.5 liters. If you see a container of such a volume, before you - fake products.

How much does Hennessey brandy cost

The cost of Hennessy cognac depends on many factors. For example, the most expensive bottle of this drink was sold for one hundred and five thousand pounds sterling. This is a special limited edition of one hundred bottles.
The Hennessey price is not only affected by the volume of the bottle. But the aging of the drink. The cost of alcoholic products for a period of, for example, six years, will be much higher than the price of a two-year cognac exposure.
The average cost of Hennessy XO seven-year exposure starts from ten and a half thousand rubles.
For a liter bottle of brandy VSOP brand asking about five thousand rubles. Liter Hennessy VS can be purchased for about three and a half thousand rubles.
  • <
It's no secret that the organization of any celebration, above all, begins with the selection and purchase of alcoholic beverages. In order to subsequently satisfied the guests and the perpetrators, you should know how to choose the "original" alcoholic beverages.
For example, according to a sociological survey, one of the most popular brandies today is Hennessy. Sales of this drink around the world exceed 3 times of its production. Therefore, in order to buy a "good" drink, you need to know how to distinguish a Hennessy fake from the original.

How to distinguish a fake Hennessy

So, let's start to study the distinctive features of the original Hennessy cognac!
1. Capacity. The original Hennessy cognac is bottled only in containers of 0.35 and 0.7 liters.
2. Shell and cork. To understand how to distinguish a fake Hennessy quickly, just look at the cork and the shell of the bottle. For the original drink, the production of the shell and cork is carried out in accordance with a special technology, which involves applying a Holosleeve hologram and laser engraving.

A sufficiently large amount of counterfeit falls on the Hennessy V.S.O.P. series, which is poured into a 0.5 liter container, resembling a flask. Therefore, it is better not to purchase it, but to give preference to the round bottle. In the event that there is no choice on the shelves, let's consider Hennessy Ho Cognac 0.5 original price how to determine its manufacturer.

So let's get started:
1. Original cover. Hennessy Cognac House pays a lot of attention to protecting the drink from the penetration of oxygen into the container. Therefore, if the Hennessy protection x0 0.5 how to distinguish a fake photo seems insufficient and will more resemble a vodka cap in this case, it is best to refuse to purchase this bottle.
2. Laser protection. On the capacity of the original Hennessy cognac is applied to the upper part of the front side of a special relief image of a hand with a halberd.
Following such simple rules, you can always buy an original drink and enjoy the true taste of cognac.


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