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Tuesday, 21 April 2020


UPDATE - Peter Obi denies acquisition of N650 million mansion in Enugu

Former Anambra State governor Peter Obi has denied claims that he recently acquired a mansion worth about
N650 million in Enugu State.

“Contrary to the reports on social media, I didn’t buy any house in Enugu or elsewhere,” Obi tweeted, “I do not need a house outside of Anambra for now, and I am committed to living in my house in Onitsha.”

A Twitter user named CBN Gov Akinsola Ak, whose profile suggests he is a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), posted a picture of a gated house, claiming it was acquired by Obi.

“Anambra former governor, Mr. Peter Obi acquires ₦650 million Naira mansion in Enugu,” Akinsola, whose Twitter bio indicated he was a member of the communication and strategy team of the All Progressives Congress presidential campaign organisation in the last general election, said on Twitter.

Obi’s aide on media Valentine Obienyem said although his principal is not a poor man, he did not buy any house in Enugu or any other place in Nigeria apart from the one he has in Onitsha.

“When His Excellency, Barr. Sullivan Chime. was the Governor of Enugu State, he allocated a choice plot of land to Obi, who told him he did not need it because he would not live outside Anambra State after being a Governor of Anambra for eight years, except any fresh duty compels otherwise,” Obienyem said in a statement.

“The same offer was made by the then governors of Delta and Abia states, but Obi refused because he said he would not live in those states.”

When asked to provide proof that the house he mentioned in his tweet really belonged to Obi, Akinsola failed to do so.

Obi, whom Akinsola accused was the vice-presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 general election.

 He is outspoken against unaccountable use of public funds by political officeholders.

While speaking at The Platform programme organised by Covenant Christian Centre in 2016, Obi said he had no admiration for public and elected officials who acquire properties at the expense of public fund.

The former governor also said he has only one wristwatch while relegating popular notion that all public officers live an extravagant lifestyle.

“I have said it to Nigerians, Peter Obi wears only black shoes, and I have two pairs of them, and I travel with them,” Obi said.

“I’ve said it to everyone. This is the only watch I have, I’ve worn it for 17 good years.”

Despite Obi’s denial, Akinsola tagged the former governor as “Obi the liar” who “will come back here to say he has JUST ONE Wristwatch.”

But Obi dismissed the claims saying “the houses I am interested in building, for now, are hospitals and schools.”

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