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Friday, 1 May 2020


UPDATE - EPL: I was not preoccupy like Van Nistelrooy – Thierry Henry

Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry, has downplayed his rivalry with former Manchester United striker Ruud van Nistelrooy, insisting that he was
not obsessed with finishing as top scorer like the Dutchman.

Both players fought for the Golden Boot for five consecutive seasons, after Van Nistelrooy moved to United from PSV in 2001.

Henry took the prize in Van Nistelrooy’s first year at Old Trafford, but the Dutchman claimed his first Golden Boot in 2003.

However, Henry went on to win the next three, meaning he won the award in four of the five years the duo played together in the Premier League.

Rio Ferdinand recently revealed it was his former team-mate Van Nistelrooy that was obsessed with winning the tug and his mood would sour after matches, if he realised Henry had matched or surpassed his feat in the previous 90 minutes.

Henry, in an Instagram Live with Puma, claimed he was unaware of Van Nistelrooy’s obsession and was more eager to give away chances.

“It became a story between me and him because it was always him or me [to win the Golden Boot] but I don’t know if you remember I used to give penalties away…I used to give penalties away!

“When Edu played his last game for Arsenal and I was battling with Ruud van Nistelrooy for the Golden Boot I gave him the penalty.

“It’s because you ask me the question don’t get me wrong…but if you look at the number of my assists I gave in the game and sometimes I was in front of the goal and I squared it that would answer that question [whether he was as obsessed].

“I would not have all those assists if I was only just thinking about the Golden Boot.”

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