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{PHOTO} Reno Omokri Reveals Why Many Married Women In Nigeria Cheat


A former presidential aide has opened up on how men

force their wives into being unfaithful.

Nigerian lawyer and activist, Reno Omokri has revealed why some wives cheat.
In a recent tweet, Reno Omokri revealed that some men are responsible why their wives cheat because they marry women who have high taste yet cannot be able to provide such things for themselves.
When the man fails to provide things to her taste, she goes outside to meet any man ready to do it for her.
Reno Omokiri tweeted:
Dear men,
If she has;
Bone straight hair
Designer wear
Expensive shoes
But, no rich family, high paying job, or business commensurate to her lavish lifestyle, she can never be the one, except satan wants to destroy you
Many husbands who complain that their wives cheat are actually to blame. You meet a high-maintenance girl with no known source of income and marry her. Of course, when you can’t maintain her lifestyle, the outcome will be cheating with men who can!


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