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{PHOTO} Singer Davido Shows Off Apartment He Lived With His Cousins When They Were Broke

 Nigerian musician, Davido has shared with his fans a photo

of the place he lived with his cousin when he was still struggling for fame.

Musician Davido has revealed how he struggled before finally becoming famous.
The singer wend down memory lane to recall a time when he had no money despite being the son of a billionaire.
The FEM hitmaker recently paid a visit to the apartment he used to live in with two of his cousins.
According to Davido, at that time which he said to be 2009, they had no money. He also noted that they had no support but they were full of their dreams.
According to the The father of three , 12 years later, they are now millionaires and on their way to becoming billionaires.
The singer then urged his fans and followers to never stop believing in themselves.
He wrote: “I went to my old apartments where I used to live 12 years ago with Sina and B red!!! As hard as it is to believe .. we had no money .. no support just us and a dream !! 12 years later! We millions in ! Road to a billion!!! We thank God !! Never stop believing !!”
See his post below:


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