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UPDATE - One killed as gangs clash on Lagos Island

 A young man simply identified as Tiroo has been killed after

rival groups clashed at Lagos Island.

It was gathered that violence broke out around Alli Street on Sunday night between Agarawu and Onola Boys.

In the course of the clash, hoodlums were said to have attacked residents and shop owners, dispossessing them of their valuables.

The attack on innocent people was said to have irked some youths including Tiroo who converged on Itafaji to resist the aggressors.

Tiroo was hit in the neck by a stray bullet from the attackers and reportedly died on the spot.

According to sources, the deceased was buried on Monday morning with youths vowing to take the law into their hands if the culprits.

“Youths from Onola, Itafaji and other affected areas have resolved to defend themselves in any way possible. We have even invited the service of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) to apprehend the notorious Agarawu boys and hand them over to the police for prosecution.

“The police are trying their best but these Agaruwa boys are too notorious,” said a resident.


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