BREAKING - German police take down one of the world's biggest child porn networks with 400,000 members who exchange images of extreme sexual abuse


German police have arrested the culprits behind child

pornsite BOYSTOWN which 

had 400,000 members who used it to exchange extreme sexual abuse materials of minors.

Investigators spent months investigating the site and those behind it, before arresting three main suspects along with a fourth man in raids last month.

The site which was accessible only on the Darknet was run by three main suspects - aged 40, 49 and 58 .

The Fourth suspect aged 64, was also arrested and accused of being one of the main contributors after uploading more than 3,500 videos and images 

The site has existed since July 2019 and was used for the worldwide exchange of child porn especially boys.


Officers say the main suspects, all from Germany, had been living in Paraguay for many years.

'Among the images and video recordings shared were also recordings of the most severe sexual abuse of young children,' prosecutors said. 

Members were also able to speak with one-another via chat areas of the website and voice channels.

Officers say the three main suspects also provided members with instructions on anonymous surfing to minimize the risk of detection. 

German police say they were aided in their investigations by investigators in the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, the United States and Canada. 

Following the raids and arrests, the BOYSTOWN platform has been taken down, police added.


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