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{PHOTO} If someone claims to be angry and insults all the elders and unborn in a family. Look no further, they have been abusing their parents - Yomi Fabiyi


Actor, Yomi Fabiyi has taken to his Instagram page to speak about the 'culture of respect'

and how it is crucial to the existence of some industries or institutions. According to him, anyone who doesn't indulge in it is a 'curse.'


His post comes hours after Nkechi Blessing Sunday blasted TAMPAN leaders and veteran actor, Jide Kosoko, for threatening that the association would work against her following her social media fights with some of her colleagues with regards to the Baba Ijesha rape saga.


He also wrote

''In serious matters particularly with criminal undertone, stop relying on your own discretion, jungle justice, social media or emotions. Inform law enforcement, your lawyer and trust them to handle it.

The COURT of LAW is a different ball game. Social Media and comment section easily follow the narrative the person posting want to play in people's head and that will keep giving the politicians reasons to want to cage this vital tool aiding our freedom of expression. Don't give them that chance.

Always think outside the box, pay attention to details and see the bigger picture on anything posted, remember PEACE, SECURITY and HUMAN RIGHTS of others before posting or act otherwise. The LAW is sacrosanct. Arrogance of ignorance displayed on social media ends there, it doesn't affect the position of the law especially in the court of law. These folks swore to protect the constitution not social media opinion. If social media opinion go in the direction of the law, good for the society. DO THE RIGHT THING, STAND BY WHAT IS RIGHT.

It is a career built offline that social media will love, it is fame getting consistency offline that gets relevant online. Over addiction and reliance on social media is making so many people reckless and don't care what they throw or say online on serious issues. Use the LIBRARY(Online and Offline).

Don't forget, no matter how small your interaction is with anybody, never let your manners slip, it may cost you nothing but can earn you a lot. CULTURE OF RESPECT is crucial to the existence of some industries or institutions, you are a curse if you indulge it or find excuse for it for rubbishing it.

Before you copy my guts, ask from me personally. My one cent.''


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