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BREAKING - China’s president Xi Jinping warns Taiwan on independence, sends message to the US


Chinese President, Xi Jinping has warned Taiwan on it's indepence move, warning other

countries like the US to not interfere.


On Thursday, July 1, Xi Jinping marked his Communist Party’s 100th anniversary from Tiananmen Square and struck a bellicose tone, reconfirming China’s ‘historic mission’ to control Taiwan .


Xi said ; "No foreign forces will ever coerce and enslave us."

"Whoever attempts to do that, will surely break their heads on the steel Great Wall built with the blood and flesh of 1.4 billion of Chinese people," he said.

Xi did not mention any country by name, but the message was clearly intended for the U.S. 

Xi called China’s commitment to unify itself with Taiwan "unshakable" and said promised "resolute action to utterly defeat any attempt toward ‘Taiwan independence.’"

The crowd jubilated as Xi made his comments.


China?s president Xi Jinping warns Taiwan on independence, sends message to the US

US President Biden has made it clear that China is the biggest challenge for the U.S. 

In February, he announced the formation of a Defense Department China Task Force to assess the future challenge from China and earlier this month, G7 member states agreed to an initiative aimed at challenging China’s Belt and Road Initiative. 


Taiwan and China separated amid civil war in 1949 and China says it is determined to bring the island under its control by force if necessary. The U.S. switched diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979, but is legally required to ensure Taiwan can defend itself.

The self-governing democratic island enjoys strong bipartisan support in Washington.


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