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UPDATE - Real Madrid to entreat LaLiga over £2.3bn cash injection


Real Madrid are planning to sue LaLiga, as they are unhappy with the league’s

£2.3billion deal with an American private equity firm, CVC, El Independiente reports.

The Spanish league celebrated the initiative, called ‘Boost LaLiga’.

It will come with a major cash-injection to its clubs, in a bid to to help alleviate the financial hit they have all taken from COVID-19.

The deal will especially help Barcelona and means they can finally sign Lionel Messi to a new deal and register new signings such as Sergio Aguero, Eric Garcia and Memphis Depay.

But their rivals Real are less than impressed with the announcement.

Los Blancos are planning to sue the organising body for misappropriation of assets.

The report says Real believe that part of the rights the league are selling to CVC, such as television and marketing rights, belongs to the club and they did not consent to their sale.

A LaLiga source said the organisation had not yet received any notification from Real Madrid about legal proceedings.


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