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UPDATE - Woman Pull Uber to her grandma's house and knife her throat 22 times


A woman has been arrested after she slit the throats of her grandma and

her grandma’s partner.


Harlee Swols, 22, left an Uber driver waiting outside her grandmother’s flat in Enfield, Connecticut, while she went inside to stab 72-year-old Maryrose Riach and James Samuel Bell, 63, multiple times.



The brutal attack happened at about 6.30pm. According to the police’s arrest report, a neighbour called officers after hearing a shout for help.


Following Swols' arrest, she told police that "things got out of hand".

She told police that she’d been invited to the flat by her grandma in order to pick up some belongings.

Swols' presence in her grandmother's house was in violation of a protective order following a domestic incident between her and Bell last month.


In the attack on Sunday evening, her grandmother suffered 22 "sharp force injuries" while Bell, her grandmother's boyfriend, received 30 stab wounds. Both of them had had their throats cut, according to the pathologist.


When police arrived at the flat, they found Riach on her porch "face down in a pool of blood".


They kicked in the door, where they found Swols in the kitchen, "soaking wet with water and a blood-like substance".



Bell was found "face down, on his knees, near the bottom corner of the bed with a large laceration from one side of his neck to the other and across the area of the artery". He was pronounced dead at the scene while his partner was declared dead at a hospital.


"The accused had blood all over her clothes and was showing no emotion," the police statement said.



Swols had hired the Uber to pick her up from a Staples shop where she worked. She had planned to make three stops on the trip, with the visit to the flat the first of them.


The Uber driver told police he was waiting for her to return to the car when he heard glass smashing and a scream for help.


Swols told officers she didn’t remember how the situation had escalated out of control but claims she got hold of the knife after her grandma's partner, Bell, lunged at her with it.


When asked what happened next, she told police: "Not good things, clearly."


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