JUST IN - BBNaija’s Tacha slams troll “ May heavy loaded th*nder.………..”


Earlier today, reality TV star, Tacha Akide announced she will be sharing Foodstuffs to

people in her community, Degema, Rivers state, to encourage them to get their PVC.

Tacha tweeted:

I’m not doing this because I have too much.. I’m doing this because I understand how important it is to sensitive the LOCALS! If God has blessed you, use it to do GOOD! See you tomorrow DEGEMA! Nigeria will be great AGAIN!

As expected, a netizen adviced her to do her Charity work secretly. She wrote:

“Do it without stickers, do it with love, do it secretly without cameras, do it without making noise about it, and let the result or the outcome announce the good work. That’s what it means to bless!

Tacha who was obviously very angry replied her:

May heavy loaded thunder strke that your mouth shut!! Bloody ing*ate.”

Many reacting wrote:

You should have kept this same energy for falz and co but obviously you will choose to be bitter over appreciating good deeds


Sense far from this one
Obviously you don’t understand what she’s doing


If you actually get the reason behind this, you dumb hateful heart won’t spit rubbish.


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