The Iconic Picture is the world's most unaware photograph produced by the world's

unexpected/unpredictable camera. It is also the world's largest most talked about, exactly and figuratively, about the positive role those photography plays in our General public.”

1. Kevin Carter travel through the air to Sudan in 1993 to photo the food shortages racking that land.

The most popular picture the photographer took there was a picture of a baby who fall down on their way to the food center and a vulture coming in behind the child. After taking this particular picture, he chased the animal away and left the child. The innocent baby survived, the picture today won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography award in 1994. Carter committed suicid& 4 months after winning the prize.

2. Fire Getaway Collapse (1975)

The portrait, which was shot by Stanley Forman, was supposed to be a normal one of a house f!re rescue. But, a 19-year-old Diana Bryant and a 2-year-old Tiare Jones were just sitting for the f!remen to get them on their 5th story fire escape when it c0llapsed. 

Forman began sh00ting the fall and only stopped to turn before the duo hit the ground. He had an idea what was about to happen. 

Diana Bryant lost her l!fe, but she protected the fall for Tiare Jones who survived.

3. July 20 1969 USA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin put together history for

America and humans on the  Apollo 11 mission, the first manned journey to touch down on the Moon

The achievement place frenzy for more missions.

4. 1945 A boatman and a woman's plant a kiss in New York's Times Square became an historic image

the happiness surrounding the ending of World W@r II on August 14. The 2 went unknown for years after the picture was brought to public, Greta Friedman, who has accept to be the lady in the photo, later said she has never met the sailor before he kissed her.

5. 1932 This image of 11 building workers sitting on a shimmer of what is now the GE Building 850 feet above New York City

began as a
public interest stunt but became an overwhelming early symbol of the building boom at the height of American industrialization.

6. Winston Churchill (1941) 

This photo of Winston Churchill glare was because of the photographer's reluctance to be send around. 

Churchill had just arrived in Ottawa to thank Canada's government for their helping hand in the war and had no idea a photographer had Been assigned to take his photo. He was actually smoking a cigar and refused to hold it for the photographer, Yousuf Karsh.

Karsh then walked up to Churchill, take down the cigar from his mouth, and for good cemented the scowling face of Winston Churchill in the public's mind.  

This photo opens the way for plenty daring political portraits.

7. Photographer 

Jeff Widener reproduced a opponent blocking tanks in Beijing's Tiananmen Square on June 5 1989 at the height of peaceful protests against the Chinese government for liberty of speech. The image of "Tank man," who is still unidentified, symbolized the determination of people's f!ght against their government and remains castaway in China.

8.On June 8,1972 Press photographer Nick Ut captured children running from a napalm b0mbing during the Vietnam Wage War

The photo secure a Pulitzer Prize informing viewers the war's real-life horror. Phan Thi Kim PhĂșc, the small girl in the middle of the photo, survived the b0mbing


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