BREAKING - Portugal defender Semedo arrested on sexual assault charge


Portugal defender Ruben Semedo has been arrested following an alleged sexual assault of a minor.

The 27-year-old Semedo, who plays for Greek soccer champion Olympiakos, was arrested on Sunday following a complaint made to the police by a 17-year-old woman, who told authorities the assault had taken place at the player’s home near Athens.

Police said on Monday that a second man was wanted for questioning in relation to the alleged attack.

Semedo's lawyer Stavros Georgopoulos said the footballer denied the allegations.

“My client, Mr. Semedo, strongly denies the charges. We have solid evidence to demonstrate that it did not happen and that is what we will be presenting,” the lawyer said.

Semedo appeared in court to give evidence on Monday and was granted 24 hours to prepare his defence, officials said.

The former Villarreal player, who has made three appearances for his country, moved to Greece two years ago.


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