TRENDS - BBNaija: Pere Complains clash with Whitemoney to Big Brother

 Pere, a housemate in the ongoing reality TV show, Big Brother Naija

popularly called BBNaija, has reported a clash between him and his fellow housemate, Whitemoney to Big Brother.

During a diary section on Tuesday, Pere told Big Brother that Whitemony and other housemates were whispering to each other which was against the rule 9f the house.

According to him, while trying to inquire reasons for the actions, he was misconstrued and that led to a fight between him, Whitemoney and other housemates.

He said, “Something happened between me and Whitemoney, it started as a game, anyway, it was demeaning and disrespectful when it came to me, I tried to know what was being said, I asked and they didn’t want to tell me, I insisted and went to Whitemoney.

"I folded my hands and said to Whitemoney, I need to know what was being said and I don’t mind getting disqualified, belt was tight and I loosened it, now everyone said I was bullying him, we’re two grown men and I don’t see why he should be intimidated

“Whitemoney was ranting and ranting and all through I was calm, I think the animosity comes from back when I was the wild card, I feel he’s faking it, I see through him, and coupled with I removed him from the kitchen bcos I felt that’s his strategy and playing a game”.


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