BREAKING - Real Madrid top Forbes most valuable club list with Liverpool fourth and Chelsea eighth

 Real Madrid have been crowned the most valuable football club on the planet on

 Forbes' annual value list with Barcelona pushing Manchester Unitedinto third despite their bumper operating income. 

Carlo Ancelotti's men have boosted their standing by seven percent after winning back the La Liga title as well as reaching the Champions League final, with Barcelona looking a fresh threat under Xavi and looking to add to that by signing Robert Lewandowski.

While El Clasico rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona take the top two spots and Atletico Madrid also named, 11 of the 20 clubs listed by Forbes are based in the Premier League - with two from Germany, three from Italy and one from France.

In terms of the English clubs, United come in third on the overall list with £3.65billion and an operating income of just over £100m.

Liverpool are next up with a value of £3.53b and operating income of £83m, with Chelsea valued at £2.46b down below Bayern Munich, Manchester City and PSG. 

City are valued at £3.37b following a fourth Premier League title from five seasons, and will be looking to boost that further by winning the Champions League next season.

Below Chelsea are Italian giants Juventus, with AC Milan and Inter Milan down in 14th and 15th.

Tottenham (£1.87b) edge ahead of bitter rivals Arsenal (£1.63b) in 10th and 11th respectively after their Champions League qualification, with five Premier League sides between 15 and 20.

Everton (£746m) are followed by Leicester (£734m) and West Ham (£714m) with Leeds (£635m) and Aston Villa (£595m) filling out the list.

See the Forbes World Soccer Value 2022 list below

1. Real Madrid £4.5b

2. Barcelona £4.1b

3. Manchester United £3.65b

4. Liverpool £3.53b

5. Bayern Munich £3.39b

6. Manchester City £3.37b

7. PSG £2.54b

8. Chelsea £2.46b

9. Juventus £1.95b

10. Tottenham £1.87b

11. Arsenal £1.63b

12. Borussia Dortmund £1.43b

13. Atletico Madrid £1.19b

14. AC Milan £950m

15. Inter Milan £790m

16. Everton £746m

17. Leicester £734m

18. West Ham £714m

19. Leeds £635m

20. Aston Villa £595m


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