UPDATE - Electricity update: Nigeria’s energy supply rises to 86.38GWh

 Nigeria’s electricity supply recorded a marginal growth of 0.84% on Sunday, 29th May 2022 to

86.38GWh compared to 85.66GWh sent out in the previous day. This is according to information from the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

The improvement in energy supply is following a 0.93% increase in generated energy on Sunday. Specifically, Nigeria generated a total of 87.64GWh of energy on Sunday, 29th May 2022 as against 86.83GWh generated on in the previous day.

It is worth noting that despite the marginal increase Nigeria’s energy generation and supply is still below the minimum 105,000MWh required to record some level of stability in power supply in the country.

Highlight (29th May 2022)

  • Peak generation – 3,741.3MW (-0.4%)
  • Off-peak generation – 3,504.1MW (+0.73%)
  • Energy generated – 87,639.51MWh (+0.93%)
  • Energy sent out – 86,382.87MWh (+0.84%)

It is worth noting that the highest frequency for the day was 50.39Hz, while the lowest frequency was 49.04Hz.

Why this matters

Electricity is an essential need for many Nigerians and their businesses, especially given the surge in the cost of alternative energy amidst the global energy crisis. The cost of power in the country has gone up and is further exacerbated by constant disruption in electricity supply.


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