UPDATE - ‘ You Slept With My Ex, Got Me And My Daughter Thrown Out’ Toyin Lawani And Caroline Danjuma Fight Dirty


Celebrity Stylist Toyin Lawani and her former best friend Caroline Danjuma are currently trending on the microblogging platform, Twitter as they drag each other over their failed marriage and relationship.

Toyin Lawani alleged that Caroline Danjuma ruined her life after she slept with her first husband, Aremo which made her and her daughter to be pushed out, with her store being taken away from her.

The celebrity stylist also tackled the actress for not taking responsibility for her crashed marriage but always blaming other people.

The mother of three added that she’s thankful to God that she’s not where she used to be because she has moved on from her past and urged Caroline Danjuma to do likewise.

Part of the tweet reads: “Someone I was with for 11 years you must be sick, you ruined my life but I’m glad I’m not where I used to be, thanks for all you do cause if you didn’t I won’t be where I am today. Go and do the same for yourself, lazy ass, alapamashishe is your ex still not paying ur bills”

“You & I know the truth and I wouldn’t be doing this back and forth with you and your lies, is it my ex you slept with you are talking about or another one? Girl bye, pls say another thing, I love that you believe your own lies. Madam they didn’t pay me I s,ent 30m, wearing what exactly”

“Facts still remain, you slept with him. Stop covering your tracks with lies and lie on your child we were not friends, you never slept on my bed..never cooked food in my house, never cried on my shoulder and never grassed me out. While I protected you”

Responding Caroline denied Toyin Lawani’s claims stating that her married ex, had people who were giving him information about his movement.

She also denied sleeping with her ex to whom she was engaged stating she only visited Toyin Lawani’s ex, for business.

While Caroline accused Toyin of being a stray dog and home wrecker Toyin insisted that Caroline was the reason her relationship ended.

Part of the tweet read: “Toyin I did not break up your relationship. Rather you did not know your married ex had people giving him info about your movements. I was with you for biz. What the hell is my biz with your affair???”

“Toyin makes it make sense to me..how do you know what ended my marriage when my marriage ended in 2016 and I stopped speaking with you in 2009…how can you be part of the break-up when you never existed in it?? Girl stop with the lies, you ain’t that relevant”

“Toyin you keep saying my ex caught me with small boys..yet he let me stay from 2009 to 2016?? Girl this is the last time I will address you.. I ain’t afraid of no one except the one that can destroy my soul. concentrate on your 33 companies”


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