BREAKING - Christians wake-up, vote your faith, no religion is superior to other – Pastor Abioye spits fire


Ahead of the 2023 general elections, Bishop David Abioye, Vice President of

Living Faith Church Worldwide, has called on Christians to vote for candidates of their faith.

The resident pastor of Goshen City, Abuja, who made the call during a sermon, alleged that Christians are been marginalized in the country.

According to him, most of the attacks carried out by the bloodthirsty bandits are targeted against the Christians, asking members to vote candidates who would defend the Christians.

He said, “Who are the people to vote for? First of all, vote for competence, vote for delivery. Who is it that can competently lead this nation? Who are the ones that can bring us out of the mess, killings, corruption? Find out but get your card ready.

 We vote for competence and we vote for the defence of the faith. You know how much the church has suffered in the last eight years. Killings in Plateau, Taraba, Benue and largely in Christian communities.

“Vote for only people who can defend our faith. Vote for individuals who cares for other ethnic groups and not focusing on only Fulanis.

“All the ones that have been killing people, have you heard that anyone was arrested? No! you won’t hear that. How many of the officials went to Owo where the bandits killed people?

If anybody tells you now that there is no religion in politics, they are deceiving you. Don’t hide it, vote for your faith. Till tomorrow, I will vote for my faith. I won’t vote someone who will slaughter me.

“Look at Nasarawa for instance, largely populated by Christiana but how many Commissioner do you have? Why do you think that a Christian should not be a governor in that state?

“Why do they think they cannot have Christian-Muslim ticket in a party? I don’t belong to any political party but I have political sense. I hope the christians in such parties will come to their senses.

There is no ethnic or religious group that is superior to the other. If you place it on merit and intelligence, you know the difference”.


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