JUST IN - Chacha Eke’s Husband, Austin Speaks On Allegation Of Domestic Violence In Their Marraige


Austin Faani, the estranged husband of Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke Faani has denied allegations of domestic violence in their marriage.

This is coming after the actress announced that their marriage has ended and unfollowed Austin on Instagram.

ChaCha in a post shared on her Instagram page, alleged domestic violence in her marriage.

The actress in the post stated that she doesn’t want to die or go inexplicably missing.

Austin while reacting to the trending issue, said he is not a violent person, adding that he detests violence in any form.

According to the actress’s estranged husband, he has never raised his hand on her before or on any other woman in his life.

He noted that ChaCha who started the talk will in due time continue the talk.

Austin in a post on his Instagram account wrote, “I am not a violent person. I detest violence in any form. I have never raised my hands on any woman in my life including my wife,” he wrote.

 Everyone close to this case knows the absolute truth and it is not in my place to divulge it. The only person who started the talk will in due time continue the talk. Let light lead.”

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