JUST IN - “You can’t have intellectual conversation”-Angel Smith mocks Cross

 On the ninth episode of Big Brother Naija ‘shine ya eyes’ reunion, Cross Okonkwo and Angel

Smith had a face-off over their deteriorating relationship.

Angel Smith who had a lot to unburden spoke out in-depthly about how she gave her all for their relationship to work.

Though, Angel and Cross denied being in a relationship, the type of friendship they had was one of a kind.

Angel Smith revealed that Cross didn’t return the same energy she gave to him.

Angel revealed how she would cook for him, lend him money, take care of him when sick, book him spa and many others, yet Cross didn’t do anything worthwhile for her.

Angel said that the final straw of it all was when Cross confronted her when she told him she was in a relationship.

According to her, Cross questioned what would happen to their ship, Crossgel, if she was dating.

Angel said Cross can’t have an intellectual conversation because he gaslights people.

She added that the reason why she and Cross quarrelled a lot in the house was because Cross was hypocritical. As he was doing the same things she was doing in the house and he was always complaining about her.

Angel noted how Cross made their friendship hidden as he would never comment on her page or publicly acknowledged her.

Cross on his part stated that his relationship with Angel was of two friends having each other’s back and having a good time. To which, Angel agrees.

Cross admitted that he was hurt when he knew Angel Smith was in a relationship. He thought the reality star didn’t carry him along because they spoke regularly at the time.

He accused Angel of always ghosting him because he and Angel’s friendship kept going off and on outside the house. “Sometimes, I’d call her and she’ll not pick up. Then, I’ll try again weeks later, and then maybe she’d pick up… I was praying for her all the time”.

Cross denied Angel claims that he was never there for her, he said he was there for Angel emotionally. Angel asked him to list her acts of service to which Cross responded that he wasn’t a kid that would be making a list.

On hiding their friendship, Cross revealed that he wanted Angel to be Angel and Cross to be Cross outside the house. They both didn’t accept gifts from Crossgel fans.

The back and forth argument ended with both parties saying they didn’t want to reconcile.

Cross told Angel, “Dey your dey and I will dey my dey”.


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