{PHOTO} US President Joe Biden Falls off A Bicycle

 Joe Biden, the president of the United States, fell off his bicycle while attempting to

dismount at Cape Henlopen Park on Saturday.

He fell off his bike near his Delaware beach house as he tried to get off.

The American president stated that he was unharmed, simply saying, “I’m good.”

Agents from the US Secret Service assisted Biden in getting up.

According to him, ““I got my foot caught” in the toe cages.

AP reports that Biden, 79, and first lady Jill Biden were wrapping up a morning ride when the president decided to pedal over to a crowd of well-wishers standing by the bike trail.

Biden, who was wearing a helmet, took the spill when he tried to dismount, apparently falling on his right side and rolling on to his back before being helped up.

The president quickly collected himself and spent several minutes chatting with people who had gathered to watch him bike.


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