UPDATE - Okada ban: Lagos inaugurates anti-Okada squad to enforce ban


The Lagos State Government on Tuesday inaugurated Anti-Okada Squad to further enforce

the clampdown on commercial motorcyclists in the state which is in line with the Transport Sector Reform Law (TSRL), 2018.

This was revealed by Dr Frederic Oladeinde, the Commissioner for Transportation in a statement in Lagos. The anti-Okada squad is to work with the Police in enforcing the ban in the six local government areas and highways, major roads and bridges.

The commissioner noted that the newly inaugurated Special Anti-Okada Squad is to report to the Police.

What the Commissioner is saying

Mr Oladeinde said the government was ready to reinforce the ban on commercial motorcycles in six LGAs and nine Local Council Development Areas.

He noted that impounded motorcycles will be crushed before the eyes of the public. He pleaded with residents to help the state government in its fight to combat crime.

  • “It is the responsibility of the public to report any nefarious activities of the squad to the Ministry of Transportation.
  • ”The public can report through the following help/complaint lines: 09038208154, 09034810153, 09033090826 and 09169655855.
  • Such reports will help the government generate feedback on strategies for the protection of lives and property.
  • “Individuals arrested (i.e. riders and passengers) will be made to face the full wrath of the law in line with the provision of Section 46, sub-section 1, 2 & 3 of the Transport Sector Reform Law (TSRL), 2018,” Mr Oladeinde said.

In case you missed it

  • On May 18, 2022, the state government announced a total ban on Okada riders in 6 local government areas in the state.
  • Nairametrics has reported that the state government said the state had recorded 85% compliance in the last 3 days.


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