{VIDEO} BBNaija Reunion: Hillarious Moment Yerins flared up amid Nini


Reality star, Yerins Abraham stole the show yesterday following his reaction to

Nini Singh and Arin’s verbal exchange.

Arin and Nini who were once friends subsequently fell out with each other and were tackling themselves over disloyalty in their friendship.

Nini had confronted Arin for supporting Cross when she had an argument with him in the house.

She also fumed at a comment that Arin left on Cross’s Instagram page which didn’t sit well with her.

Arin on her part claimed it was her handler who dropped the comment on Cross’s page and not her.

As they continued to iron out issues with raised voices, Yerins who was sitting in between them was forced to intervene as he screamed at the top of his voice while gesticulating forcefully.

Yerins who was fed up with the drama urged them to settle their differences already and end the argument. His reaction however left everyone laughing.


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