{VIDEO} Guest Loses His Cool After He Was Denied “Nigerian Jollof rice” At The Party

 A video has been sighted on social media that captures the moment a party guest lost his

cool after the caterers refused to serve him rice at the party.

According to the young man, he spent quite an amount of money spraying on the birthday celebrant, yet he was denied food when it was time to also enjoy his part of the ceremony.

The young claims to have gone through a lot and sacrificed so much for the celebrant during the birthday celebration, yet he was snubbed by the caterers for reasons he was yet to find out.

Other party guests tried calming him down but all efforts proved futile as he continued to register his frustration about the incident.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a white lady in the United States of America was very lucky after she came across a customized jacket belonging to the Nigerian mega-awarding singer, David Adeleke, well known as Davido.

In a video making rounds on social media, Davido stated that he would be dropping off the customized jacket by the roadside in Massachusetts in the United States of America.

He dropped the customized jacket by a mailbox on the roadside saying that he wore the jacket during his show in the country and wants a die-hard fan to find it.

He added that anyone who finds it should rock the jacket and tag him on social media, probably for a more handsome price or an encounter with him.

Actually, a white lady who might probably be a die-hard fan of Davido sought for the hidden treasure and did as the singer said by wearing the jacket and tagging him on Instagram.


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