BRIEF - Peter Obi should be in prison not contesting for Presidency —Asari-Dokubo

 Former Niger Delta militant leader and founder of the now defunct Niger Delta People Volunteer Force

(NDPVF), Mujahid Asari-Dokubo, has taken another swipe at the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, saying if Nigeria were to be a sane clime, the former Anambra State governor should be in jail instead of contesting for the Presidency.

Dokubo who has not shied away from criticising Obi since he declared his intention to run for the number one position in the country, in a video he posted on social media on Sunday night, said the LP flag bearer should be in jail for investing the funds of the Anambra State government in his private family business while he was a governor.

“In a normal country, Peter Obi is supposed to be in jail for investing state money in a family business and failed. He should not be contesting for Presidency”, Asari-Dokubo said in the video.

In the past few weeks, Asari-Dokubo had been taking swipes at Obi on various platforms, discrediting the former governor’s acclaimed achievements, saying they were all lies.

Ripples Nigeria had reported another of such attacks by the ex-militant where he called Obi a scammer in a video that went viral.

“There is a scammer in town. Peter Obi is scamming people with lies and people are believing him.

“This is nauseating. Peter Obi was a governor of Anambra State for eight years. How would you compare Obi with Tinubu or Atiku? What is his antecedent? Lies. You are showing documents that you rejected land,” Dokubo said.


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