BRIEF - All men must marry more than one wife — Ibrahim Chatta


Prolific filmmaker, Ibrahim Chatta, has revealed why it is essential for every man to marry more

than one wife.

Chatta made this known after his colleague, Femi Adebayo indulged him and asked him to proffer a solution to men who receive less love from their loved ones.

Femi Adebayo who opined that life is unfair to men asked the actor to air his views about the issue of children showing more affection to their mothers and vice versa while neglecting their fathers that have laboured and suffered to enjoy the family never lacks.

Sharing his views, Chatta stressed the need for men to marry more than one wife. 

According to him if a man keeps one woman as a life partner, he will suffer in life and may end up going on errands by himself in his old age but if he marries more than one wife as instructed by the Quran, he will always have a woman by his side that will love and take care of him till he dies.


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