Brite Bensons stamps Carter Efe,thief in the night


Satisfy comedian, Carter Efe called out by performer, Brite Bensons for so-called song theft.

There goes the second time an artiste would boldly place allegation about claiming freehold of a song.

The musician claimed that he purchased the sound from Ceeza Milli with the aim of giving is Machala fans, when he’s done cooking the song properly, nevertheless, SC Carter Efe, instantly sneak preview the same track on his Instagram story.

Brite arraign for the content creator for snatching the song, as he finds out that he also obtain it from Ceeza Milli.

Carter had issue a statement that he will be dropping his own style of the track on 29/10/22, still Brite decided to publish his own first.

He then conversed the two of them and noted how his own is the real disk while that of the skit-maker was just the fake one.


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