JUST IN - Paul Okoye Knocks Delta State Police, Bright Edafe


Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, popularly known as Rudeboy, has slammed Delta State Police Public Relations Officer Bright Edafe after he labelled him a celebrity without sense.

ONIKEWIDE  earlier reported that Paul Okoye had alleged via an Instagram post that the only reason a policeman will stop a driver to hop into his car is because the police officer is a criminal who wants to negotiate a crime with such a person.

The singer made the claim whilst reacting to the arrest of colleague and singer, Ice Prince.

He wrote: “The only reason a policeman will stop you and enter your car is just because they are looking for an avenue to negotiate for a crime you did not commit.

“As long as a police man enters my car and tells me to drive.. He’s a criminal or a kidnapper.”

Reacting to the statement on a Twitter News platform, Bright Edafe noted that some celebrities are without sense.

He wrote: “Celebrities with no sense.”

Aren’t You Tired Of Suffering?

Responding to the police, the singer in a post on Instagram made a mockery of the Police, saying he blames the youths for fighting for a better life on behalf of the security officers.

According to him, if the Police had joined the youths during the #EndSars protest they would have been earning a better salary.

Paul also made a jest of the Police officer, saying while their colleagues from other parts of the world are using cars with AC and getting information via computer, they are still standing under the sun.

He wrote: “Lol DSP… I blame us for fighting for a better life for you people #endsar… if to say tuna join us protest tuna go make extra money, well paid…buy better sap and body spray so that when uno enter cars e no go get counter smell.. Una mate dey use cars with AC and computer to get information, uno day stand under sun, abi suffer no day taya una? Pray for a new government to come and deliver you people…Una own do too much.”


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