Injury is damage to your anatomy(BODY). identify to as a general term that refers to harm caused by Football, accidents, falls, hits, weapons

, Jump, Site and more. In the world today, Load and Thousands of people undermine themselves every months. These damages range from unimportant to critical condition. not most human get to survive this life threatening always ,cause it affect the unexpected and stay for a long period of time. 

 They are lot of damages (injuries) that affect the footballer and here we will be talking about some of it ad how to protect it... mind you soccer is a form of football by different team of eleven players and just few subtitled with a round ball which must be played with there legs except the goal keepers could only use his hands freely in the box 18.


Ankle sprains. 

 Ankle sprain injure is a common injury that occurs when you mistakenly roll your ankle, slips or trying to gain a balance after stepping on a banana shell the wrong way. you not being careful by acting fast on it while the incident occurs it could tear up the though and bed the tissue (ligaments) that assist in holding the ankle muscles together.

Knee injuries.

 Usual knee damages include dislocation, fractures, sprains and tears, and this occurs mostly during sport like long tennis, basketball and football etc..  remember fractures are less common when it comes to knee but might cost high tension impact on trauma 

Quad, hamstring, and groin strains.

 football and soccer player are exposed to this mostly during every match and it doesn't show freely till when you are calm or after the game, this are some symtomps,  hip/thigh muscle train include endless pain ,swelling,bruising,weakness,motion and walking difficuty. you should know for hamstring your pains could visit you even while you are sitting down, so knowing you have this and still stressing it up could cause more increased in pains,

Hip Pointers

hip pointer could be refer to as a deep bruises to the inner bone on the surface of the hip, and can also be called the iliac crest.  symptoms brings pains and tenderness for recovery from the damage that concerns a break from the move around until it heals 

Wrist and hand injuries. This could be caused by falling on your during a play or a common sport and if the pains lasted for more that 3 days I advice you go see a doctor, they are not to the over looked.

Football concussions. 

This doesn't have a minor cause it has to do with the head damage, in football payers with this have dramatically increased concussion in the brain,  when this is actually your position it takes nothing less than 19 days later, which mean who so ever is involve will miss nothing less that 1.5gram.  when you are hit with this you might have this, memory problem, headaches, fogginess and disorientation.


*Ask professional advice on boot, and food to eat

*Be very ground stepping or tapping close to bracing conscious to avoid the risk on any body damage 

*Mouth guard avoiding body piercing such as your tongue, ear and eye.

*Wear shockabsorbent and shin guard, be very professional with your shin guard and your footwear 

*Avoid aggressive opponent and respect yourself enough to identify evil mindset players while player soccer




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